Tribal Revival Party In Secret Art Venue “Out Of This World”

Tribal Revival Party In Secret Art Venue “Out Of This World”

Tribal Revival: After the Fire, an exclusive event held at the Battersea Arts Centre, was like a portal to another world.


In collaboration with Let’s Day Out, Secret Brunch invited “tribes” to join them, for an eclectic night full of art exhibits, unseen performances, elaborate fashion, and of course, electric music.

The event’s location, an old burnt down town hall, was announced the day of the event to have guests guessing until the last second.


When the Battersea Arts Centre was finally revealed, guests reveled in the enthusiasm of partying under a full moon in a unique venue.

As requested, guests came dressed as “walking pieces of art, dressed to survive”, embracing authenticity, self-expression and freedom.


This exclusive event hosted the likes of London’s top lifestyle & fashion influencers, including: Dave Anica (@daveanica), Ellie Rose Tyrrell (@ellierosetyrrell), and Tahlia Coutinho (@tahlia_coutinho). 

Dave said about the event: “Let’s Day Out has invited us to this amazing Secret Brunch event, the venue & entertainment is just incredible – what a perfect way to meet new people during these unique experiences.” 


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