New App ‘Let’s Day Out’ Brings Immersive Halloween Events to Life

‘Let’s Day Out’, a pioneer in combining both virtual and real-life experiences to match people at events, believes the world is starting to connect in the most thrilling way possible


LONDON, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — No longer satisfied with being mere spectators, customers want to be “immersed” in plays, movies or dining experiences. Let’s Day Out, an app that matches users that share similar interests to exclusive events in London, believes this growing format is a “natural next step”.


Vicky Cheng, CEO of Let’s Day Out, says: “Immersive experiences, combined with new technology, offer people ways to interact in ways that have not yet been possible. Our app is at the forefront of connecting our users within this sphere.”



An A.I. Algorithm To Match Users


Let’s Day Out is developing its own artificial intelligence algorithm to match users that like and search for the same activities. The method takes into account ‘crowd knowledge’ and can be compared to how Netflix recommends new movies. The system analyses both user data and preferences derived from user behavior.



Partnering With Luxury Events Firm For Halloween


Let’s Day Out is partnering with some of London’s top immersive production companies in order to match its users by combining both virtual and offline experiences – the first method of its kind.


For Halloween, the company is working with luxury events company A Brands for the exclusive “Secret Halloween Brunch”; a unique immersive experience where “music meets art”.


“The ‘Secret Brunch’ will show our users the caliber of events that our app has to offer. I am proud that our company has the vision to grasp the next obvious step in the matchmaking space,” says Cheng.

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