Online Dating “More Popular Than Ever” During Lockdown

Online Dating “More Popular Than Ever” During Lockdown

It may feel like your dating life has been put on PAUSE. Well, you’re not alone. 


Sadly, that feeling of adventure and excitement (and nervousness) you get when meeting a date for the first time may be something you won’t experience for a while.


You can’t go to a bar and coincidentally meet someone new, you can’t plan a date at the cinema, you can’t just “bump into” your crush that you’ve been Instagram stalking for weeks, and you can’t seem to “spark a connection” online. 

We’re in lockdown and the world is slowing down, and maybe, so too is your dating life. 


But does it have to be this way? Not according to the Let’s Day Out team! 


Over the last few weeks, online dating has been more popular than ever. People are spending more time online and having longer, deeper conversations.


Dating apps have seen more user activity and an increased number of back-and-forth messages, meaning there are more opportunities to build real connections and create long-lasting relationships.  

In other words, your dating life doesn’t have to be over after all. 


This is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and build new and exciting connections online. Not sure how to break the ice? Well, just remember that we’re all on this unusual and scary ride together, so we all have something unique in common to talk about.


Here’s how some of you have been getting on:


Kiara Krasniki: “Funny enough, I’ve actually enjoyed switching to online dating. Of course,  I’ve used apps before to meet a guy online, then go on a date, but it’s usually fizzled out. But I think people are a little more desperate for connection right now, and with all this time on our hands and with social-distancing rules, we’re all sticking to messaging, and awarding people a longer time to prove themselves (virtually).”


Emily Sharpe: “I’m literally the most social person you will ever meet! And, I used to hate online dating. I’m a true ‘need to feel the connection in real life’ kind of person. But, obviously because of being in lockdown I’ve had to give online dating another go. I have to say It’s been hilarious. Let’s just say there were a fair few frogs before I met a nice guy. We’ll see how long this lasts.” 


Sejla Bajrami: “The best thing about online dating in lockdown? Guys are finally spending more time on actually talking and building a relationship. There isn’t a rush to meet or go on a date. I’m finally getting guys who are asking questions and trying to get to know me before a date is even mentioned. I mean, they do say the best relationships start out as friendships, right? It doesn’t hurt to make friends and see where things go.”


Jack Hudson: “I have to say, I have come across some odd people in my time, but during lockdown it seems we are all missing human interaction. I spoke to this girl for 2-3 weeks, and she thought we were in some sort of online relationship. I’m definitely more of an “in person” kind of guy. I enjoy meeting in person and sussing out if there is any true chemistry. But, talking online first definitely helps weave out some of “hell no” candidates that would have been more awkward in person!”


Lockdown doesn’t have to be lonely. If you want to meet new people, spark a conversation, and still go on exciting dates, you can!


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