Join the Experience Economy with Let’s Day Out

Join the Experience Economy with Let’s Day Out

Could you become a player in the experience economy?

Whether you’re a musician, painter, barman, dog-walker, tapas-taster, book-lover, well… you get the picture, whoever you are, we guarantee there will always be people out there that 1- share the same interests as you and 2- are interested in learning more about your area of work/expertise.

Whether you want to reach new clientele or just make new friends, transforming your passion into an experience can offer you social and commercial avenues beyond belief.

And it’s win/win because wrapping experiences around traditional offerings like services and goods will help you to sell your original product better. We’ve seen experiences from the most simple ‘pint-pouring’ classes to weekend-long ‘thatched-roof’ workshops. The point is that people want to get hands-on in any way they can!

But why are experiences becoming more and more popular?!

In a world where the amount of time it takes to order and deliver practically anything is getting shorter and easier, things that take time to create have become more and more sentimentally valuable. Take, for example, the resurgence in popularity of postcards despite the ease of instant messaging; people want to show they care and they are willing to spend time to show it! You can buy any range of products on Amazon and yet the popularity of hand-made goods and arts-and-crafts classes are soaring.

The famous line in every mathematics exam paper comes to mind: just show your working! If you sell a product, show how you made it, show how you use it. If you have a favourite dish, show how you made it, show how you taste it. Okay, maybe we’re going over the top, but we believe the message is a good one.

Consumers are keen for great experiences! At Let’s Day Out, we choose the very best experience for our community, so if your experience becomes a city-sensation, get on to us!

Create fresh experiences and share them with Let’s Day Out. We’re in the final testing stage of our app prototype, where you’ll find all and only the best experiences London has to offer. In the meantime, sign up to our mailing list for regular updates from us on our absolute favourites!