Exclusive Secret Brunch Halloween Party “A Huge Success”

Exclusive Secret Brunch Halloween Party “A Huge Success”

For Halloween this year, Let’s Day Out decided to go big! So we secured an area at the “Secret Brunch”, a spectacular spooky party that was a roaring success amongst London’s influencers & press.

As you may be familiar with by now, Let’s Day Out is all about matching our users with unique and unforgettable experiences.


And this year, our team of events experts were very aware that for Halloween, the most in demand events were going to be “immersive” experiences.


No longer satisfied with being mere spectators, people now want to be “immersed” in plays, movies or dining experiences, and Halloween is a great opportunity to make this happen!


This is why we picked The “Secret Brunch – the Awakening” out of all the Halloween parties, a unique immersive experience where “music meets art”.


Hosted in a frighteningly stylish venue, featuring a spooky actress, fabulous food and drinks and excellent music, the event was a huge hit with some of London’s hottest influencers, such as former Made in Chelsea TV stars Lucy & Tiffany Watson.


Lucy & Tiffany Watson told us: “It’s Halloween and we’re here at the Secret Brunch with Let’s Day Out. It’s amazing, absolutely amazing!”

And besides raving reviews, we were delighted that our event and partnership was featured in the several articles too!


The Secret Brunch was a fantastic example of the caliber of events that you can find out about and get access to as part of our community on Let’s Day Out. 


If you missed this Halloween event, don’t worry, there are plenty more upcoming experiences for you to enjoy in London. Stay tuned on the Let’s Day Out app for more.


But for now, we hope you have a ghoulish day!


The Let’s Day Out Team