Discovering The Best Of Portobello With @LittleMissNottingHill

Discovering The Best Of Portobello With @LittleMissNottingHill

Notting Hill is known for its vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, and stands as a cultural hotspot for some of the most novel events in all of London. 


We had the opportunity to film with one of London’s most influential lifestyle bloggers, Annie from @LittleMissNottingHill.

The video was a tribute to all the intricacies and wonderful things you can do in Notting Hill. 


Annie showed us her “insiders” guide to this energetic locale. Everything from the authentic food to vintage shopping in the world famous Portobello Market demonstrated why this neighbourhood is one of London’s hottest attractions.


We hope you enjoy it, and to find out more about experiences and events in Notting Hill, check out the Let’s Day Out app.